About us

Carbon Bit specializes in developing financial strategies for coal mining. It is a modern British company responsible for reselling coal to different world markets. that invents and implements integrated financial software. Since 2016 the company is preparing to enter the London Stock Exchange and carry out initial public offering shares. To implement these plans we need to build substantial financial turnover and core capital. Today carbonbit.biz is involved in attracting private and corporate investment with a guaranteed income of 5.0% to 10% daily for a few days with repayment of the deposit at maturity.

Carbonbit.biz is a typical coal trading company. Since 2017, our company offers a range of investment services for the development of commercial strategies. CarbonBit it is compound by experienced coal miners and traders to design and use advanced and innovative methods to make a profitable investment system.

  • We invest in coal mining.
  • Sale of coal extracted to different companies.
  • Application of economic strategies to take advantage of exchanges.
  • Provide the mineral coal for the production of consumer products.

In 2016 Carbonbit.biz management has decided about the preparations for the initial public offering (IPO) and on the London Stock Exchange. British investment bank (underwriter) made a number of requirements to be met by the company. The main task today is the growth of finance capital. To ensure it, we have launched an investment program that will help us reach the planned stage of development, as well as provide an opportunity for earnings of our investors, we will be glad to see them in the future as our shareholders and co-owners of Carbonbit.biz.

Our company mainly consists of competent technical experts with sufficient experience and skills to deal with any problems of flow. Dozens of corporate clients have chosen our company and cooperate with us not the first year. We hope that we will be just as successful on the international investment market. So welcome everyone to our project. We look forward to long-term cooperation and we are confident that investment conditions will be acceptable to newcomers in investments and professional moneymakers as well.

Carbonbit.biz is a company with a mandatory official registration in United Kingdom. You can check out the company in the official register of Companies House using company name or its registration number.OFICIAL LAUNCH (20/05/2017)